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Анализ современного использования природно-территориальных комплексов ландшафта дельты реки Волга в сельскохозяйственных целях

В.В. Занозин, А.Н. Бармин

Страницы: 186–195

Аннотация. На основе данных дистанционного зондирования Земли (ДЗЗ) оптического и радиодиапазонов проанализированы земли центральной части ландшафта дельты реки Волга. На основе комбинаций разных методик анализа данных ДЗЗ подсчитано, что на территории центральной части дельты Волги общей площадью 3899,44 км2 к залежным землям относится 962,85 км2, но лишь 92,5 км2 можно отнести к возделываемым.

Ключевые слова: дельта Волги, залежь, картографирование, природно-территориальный комплекс, разновременной снимок, cartography, neglected fields, time transgressive image, the Volga river delta

Analysis of the modern use of natural territorial complex of the Volga river Delta landscape for the agricultural purposes

V.V. Zanozin, A.N. Barmin

Pages: 186–195

Summary. In the 90s of the last century, many large reclamation systems in the Volga River delta ceased to be operated. Completely new natural-technical systems have appeared on huge areas. In the absence of irrigation, most of the arable land protected from flood waters has turned into neglected fields. The latter were subject to various types of transformation: from desertification to salinization and overgrowth by ruderal vegetation. Identification of neglected fieldsand its typology is the most important direction of modern geographical studies necessary for information support of the return process of such modifications of natural territorial complex (NTC) to agricultural turnover. On the basis of topographic map sheets at the scale of 1:100000, interpretation of the optical- and SAR- images in symbiosis with the method of high resolution image recognition by the Google Earth information system, as well as numerous route studies, it was carried out the detection, description and typology of NTC modifications of the central part of the Volga riverdelta landscape in terms of their agricultural use. It is estimated that in the central part of the Volga river delta with a total area of 3899,44 km2, 962.85 km2 of neglected fields are and only 92.5 km2 can be classified as cultivated. The results of this work can be used for the formation of management decisions in the sphere of agriculture, state property management in the organization of measures for the environmental protection.

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