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Построение трехмерной измерительной модели намогильного сооружения с использованием переносной системы контрольных точек

Е.М. Митрофанов, Г.В. Анисочкин, С.С. Дручинин, С.А. Серебряков

Страницы: 178–185

Аннотация. Рассматриваются современные подходы к созданию трехмерных моделей на основе цифровой фотосъемки. Описывается методика создания трехмерной измерительной модели могильного камня с использованием мобильной системы контрольных точек с использованием ПО Agisoft Photoscan и обсуждаются полученные результаты.

Ключевые слова: данные дистанционного зондирования, культурное наследие, некрогеография, плотное облако, реставрация, трехмерное моделирование, cultural heritage, dense cloud, necrographia, remote sensing data, restoration, three-dimensional modeling

Construction of a three-dimensional measuring model of the tombstone structure using a portable system of control signs

E.M. Mitrofanov, G.V. Anisochkin, S.S. Druchinin, S.A. Serebryakov

Pages: 178–185

Summary. The article discusses the prospects of using mobile systems of control signs to solve the problem of constructing three-dimensional measuring scenes of cultural heritage objects on the example of tombstones. In the process of studying this problem, the authors appeal to the best practices of solving this problem on the basis of photogrammetric processing of digital photographs of domestic and foreign researchers, as well as commercial organizations. The article raises the important question about restoration of ritual objects as a practical aspect of socio-economic geography branch called “Necrographia”. The authors discuss the current functionality of modern cemetery GIS and integration of functions for measuring three-dimensional scenes. The results of a laboratory experiment to obtain a three-dimensional measuring scene using mobile reference signs are demonstrated, which allow to restore the metric of a similar object with the accuracy appropriate for restoration works. The developed technique is addressed to the specialists having the basic level in the field of photogrammetry and digital photography. Proposals are made to upgrade the current methodology in order to improve its efficiency and commercial attractiveness.

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