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Исследование возможности изменения параметров камеры путем перефокусировки при наземной фотограмметрической съемке для создания трехмерной модели объекта

О.А. Корчагина, Нгуен Тхуи Чанг, Нгуен Ван Нам

Страницы: 164–168

Аннотация. Обосновывается актуальность темы изменения параметров камеры путем перефокусировки при наземной фотограмметрической съемке внутреннего помещения в различных положениях фотографирования, а также изучения точности трехмерных моделей недвижимости, созданных наземной фотограмметрической способом с использованием любительской цифровой камеры в режиме автоматической перефокусировки. Описываются результаты проведенного эксперимента, подтверждающего возможность использования снимков, полученных в режиме автоматической перефокусировки для построения трехмерных моделей недвижимости в кадастре.

Ключевые слова: калибровка камеры, параметры дисторсии объектива, перефокусировка, элементы внутреннего ориентирования, camera calibration, elements of interior orientation, parameters of lens distortion, refocusing, terrestrial photogrammetric survey, three-dimensional model of objects

Study of the possibility of changing the parameters of the camera by refocusing during terrestrial photogrammetric survey to create three-dimensional model of real estate object

O.A. Korchagina, Nguyen Thuy Trang, Nguyen Van Nam

Pages: 164–168

Summary. In recent years, the management and follow-up of real estate has been applied not only to its facade, but also to the interior construction of the premises. To perform these works, it is possible to use their three-dimensional models. One of the known various technologies for creating three-dimensional models of objects is the method of terrestrial photogrammetry. Currently, only digital cameras are practically used in terrestrial photogrammetry. To perform terrestrial photogrammetric surveys, metric digital cameras have been created. In these cameras, as a rule, the lens and the sensor matrix are rigidly mounted on the camera body in order to ensure the constancy of the interior orientation elements of the camera. However, in this article, the author presented the use of non-metric digital cameras (in other words, amateur cameras), in which it is possible to refocus. When creating a three-dimensional model of a real estate object in the form of a building when shooting its interior, the distance from the camera to the wall is insignificant and varies inconsistently at times. In this case, it is necessary to change the camera parameters during the shooting process to obtain a three-dimensional model with a clear texture. The article suggests the effect of refocusing on the accuracy of the results of photogrammetric processing. The author performed camera calibrations when shooting a single object with a fixed focus in various positions. The coordinates of some marked points on the wall are given, with the obtained values of the camera parameters, the positions and coordinates of the points in the image are determined. Then, the difference in the position of the marked points determined by their coordinates in the image is calculated when shooting at different distances and at infinity. The results fully confirm the possibility of changing the camera parameters when shooting in a small distance between the subject and the point of photographing.

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